Windows 8 has a new cool backup feature called the file history. It is supposed to backup user data only and not the operating system. For the average user who as a single hard drive and only a few gigabyte of data this should work fine. In my case there is roughly 1  TB of data of 'user data' to backup including a large Lightroom image library. File History uses a cache for an intermediate storage of data while the external backup drive is not connected. Once the backup drive is conected again, the cached data will be written to the backup medium. Via the File History GUI you can set the cache size as a percentage value of the internal disks space. However, you cannot set on which internal drive the cache is located. You migtht have guessed that the default is the windows drive, typically c:. If you have installed Windows on a SSD as I have , the cache space is very limited. Better to have the cache on the large 2TB internal second hard drive! Here is how to change the cache location: The cache configuration and data is stored in this location: c:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\FileHistory There is a 'data' and a 'Configuration' sub folder. In the  'Configuration' sub folder you find Config1.xml and Config2.xml. Open them up in a file editor and look for the entry <StagingAreaPath>.  Simply change the path and your done! I changed mine to: <StagingAreaPath>d:\backup\FilfeHistory\data</StagingAreaPath> The capacity and threshold values below <StagingAreaPath> will adjust automatically if you go the 'advanced settings' GUI of File History and set the cache  size.      

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